Christian Barcenas

Software Engineer & Tech Aficionado

About Me

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. I graduated with bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science and an undergraduate minor in Mathematics. At Penn, I was a teaching assistant for a number of courses covering topics such as networks & security, operating systems, web application development, and the Haskell programming language.

My interests are varied, and include software engineering, computer & network security, cryptography, reverse engineering, financial systems, entrepreneurship, and law & public policy. I like to code, and have worked extensively with Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Haskell, OCaml, Java, C, and x86 ASM, among other languages.

I interned with Palantir Technologies over summer 2016, and I will be joining Palantir's Application Security Engineering team as a full-time engineer in a few months.

I am two-time intern and former remote software engineer of Yelp. I was a backend software engineer who wrote code for a distributed payments processing system. I was involved in a few major projects, including the integration of a cross-border European payments system and the secure transfer of a large volume of credit card data between PCI-compliant storage systems.

In 2014, I sat on the Board of Directors of the University of Pennsylvania's student-run credit union as Vice President of Information Systems.

I am originally from Tampa, FL but now live in Philadelphia, PA for school. I have also lived in San Francisco, Montréal, and Portsmouth, RI. I love to travel! One day, when I have the time, I'll publish my travel adventures here.